Sept. 1, 2018

Memorial Service for Senator John McCain. Performing "Danny Boy" with Renée Fleming and the Diderot Qt. Washington National Cathedral, D.C.

March 27, 2020

Release of "VIGNETTES:  Short Pieces for Accordion," a book of 24 original compositions available as either hard copy or PDF files and supplemental digital CD containing recordings of all the pieces. Vignettes Hard Copy of book plus digital download of recordings Vignettes Bonus Recordings + PDF Book of Scores

March 28, 2020

Joan Grauman's review of Vignettes:  Short Pieces for Accordion on

“My Choice” compilation on Winter & Winter

European release of "My Choice" is now available in in all formats, directly from Winter & Winter, or through any sound media outlet.  This is a compilation of tracks from my Winter & Winter recordings, which I selected and sequenced, featuring Alan Bern on accordion and piano, Phillip Johnston on saxophone, and myself on accordion.