Guy Klucevsek is one of the world’s most versatile and highly-respected accordionists.

This outstanding composer, accordion virtuoso, and improvisor has been a major contributor to the accordion renaissance of the last 25 years. His music reverberates with sounds of the ballroom, the beer garden and the concert hall, fusing elements of regional accordion styles with jazz and avant-garde music.

Forget everything you thought you knew about the accordion.

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Performances, releases, news

Steinway Record Release

Release of "Kancheli: Simple Music," Jenny Lin, piano, Guy Klucevsek, accordion

Score: Breathless and Bewildered

BREATHLESS AND BEWILDERED (2009), (For Ivan Milev), for solo accordion (standard bass)

Breathless Solo - Score

Score: Awakening

AWAKENING (1987) for free bass accordion

Awakening.41 key version

Score: Bandoneons, Basil and Bay Leaves

BANDONEONS, BASIL AND BAY LEAVES (1993) for free bass accordion

(in memory of Astor Piazzolla)

Bandoneons, Basil, & Bay Leaves

Score: Three Tributes

THREE TRIBUTES (2016), for Solo Accordion (standard bass)

(commissioned by the American Accordionists' Association)

Walter Ballad of Faithe Evan-essence

Score: My Walk with Ligeti

MY WALK WITH LIGETI (2007) for Solo Free-Bass Accordion

my walk with ligeti:solo

Livestream Performances from 5/14/2022

This is a link to Youtube Playlist of performances from the Guy Klucevsek 75th Birthday Celebration at Roulette Intermedium, Brooklyn, May 14, 2022.

YouTube videos

I've collated videos of my performances from over the years--including live performances at Cotati Accordion Festival and Roulette (Brooklyn), and music videos directed by Ray Foley, shot at Casa Klucevsek--some going back ten years, others posted as recently as last week.   All are now available on my YouTube channel.

starkland reissues "citrus my love"

Starkland reissues "Citrus My Love" which has been out of print since 1995.  Performers are Mary Rowell, violin/viola, Erik Friedlander, cello, Jonathan Storck, double bass, and the composer (moi) on accordion.

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