guy’s accordions

Guy currently owns three accordions:

Titano Virtuoso Convertor Piano Accordion, designed and manufactured by the Titano Accordion Corporation.

This is a “convertor-style” instrument: i.e., while the right hand side has a standard accordion keyboard, the bass button board (left-hand side) contains both a 120-bass Stradella (or standard) Bass system of bass notes and pre-set chords; and a 4-row, chromatic free bass system, consisting of all single tones, with a range of over 4-1/2 octaves. A convertor switch is used to go between one system and the other.

The free bass system makes it possible to play left-hand melodic lines over several octaves, open voicings, chords in any inversion, non-diatonic harmony and single-octave drones and bass lines; while the convertor system allows the performer to still have access to the Stradella Bass for standard accordion accompaniments which are invaluable for use in folk and world musics.

Sonola SS20, a vintage 1962 model, purchased from the Accordion Gallery, This is Guy’s accordion of choice for many styles of genre music and can be heard prominently on his Tzadik CD, Dancing on the Volcano.

Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Artist Model, designed and built in a partnership between the company and Guenadiy Lazarov of the Accordion Gallery,